IKEA is the world’s largest retailer of furniture with around 300 stores in 26 countries and around 130,000 employees, of which 96,000 work in retail, and 15,000 in manufacturing in Swedwood. The IKEA group company Swedwood has grown in line with IKEA’s expansion in recent years to become arguably the world’s largest single manufacturer of wooden furniture. Manufacturing some 100 million furniture pieces every year, IKEA Swedwood operations are part of the everyday life of  people worldwide. IKEA Swedwood takes an active role and has deployed guidelines and policies in the fields of environment, health, safety, risk management and other welfare issues. IKEA Swedwood does not use wood originating from national parks or reserves and does not accept wood from loggings that threaten high conservation values. IKEA Swedwood have FSC™ certification (Forest Stewardship Council®) Mix or FSC™ Controlled Wood for the flow into all our units, as well as FSC™ forestry management certificate on all own leased forests. IKEA Swedwood implement standards for all their log yards, including water management. IKEA Swedwood treat their foremost raw material with the greatest of consideration during the entire manufacturing process, from its source in nature to its final user.

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