Promoting the importance of foresight in sustainable decision-making.

Identifying and promoting sustainable innovation.

Developing frameworks to manage global complexity and raise awareness on critical global challenges.

Influencing public perception and educating individuals on global governance.

Mobilising and incentivising business and government to address critical global issues.

Focusing a community of excellence on solving or advancing a specific challenge (i.e. green energy solutions, ed-tech).


Think Tank & Award History

Established in 1961, the Gold Mercury Awards® are the first Global Governance Awards. Our laureates, members, and supporters include some of the world’s most important thinkers and doers, world leaders, governments, companies, and organisations.

Our global brand values of sustainable development

The Gold Mercury Awards’ purpose has always been to promote Visionary Governance®, advance sustainability and foster peaceful relations and international cooperation. This mission allows our partners to be recognised as supporters and thought leaders on major global issues.

Global Network & Community

Organising Gold Mercury Summits and Award Ceremonies has always been part of our mission to unite the world’s greatest minds to debate crucial world issues and affairs. Our global network gives our partners access to an influential group of world leaders, experts, innovators and thinkers, the possibility to build relationships of the highest level, and the opportunity to demonstrate an interest in solving global challenges and intellectual debate.


Gold Mercury works with partners to build a close relationship that lasts for years in the advancement of global governance and sustainable development.

Historic Forums that build positive agendas for a better world

Gold Mercury International organises events at the highest levels. Our events are held in the most prestigious and historic venues in the world, including the Quirinale Palace in Rome, the Kremlin in Moscow, the Presidential Palace in Bogotá, Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti Grand Canal in Venice and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, to name a few. Our events have always created and delivered positive agendas and frameworks for cooperative development.


Gold Mercury’s research in Global Governance and the GLOGO® – Global Governance Monitoring System.

Dissemination of Gold Mercury’s work and our laureate’s work.

Knowledge transfer activities and educational programmes.

Funding for research fellowships.

Digital platforms and online activities.

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