PAST CEREMONIES | Gold Mercury Award Ceremony, Bogotá

Gold Mercury Awards and Global Governance Summit, Bogotá

The Gold Mercury Awards and Global Governance Summit took place in Bogotá, Colombia. During this event we awarded Álvaro Uribe Vélez, the former President of the Republic of Colombia with the Gold Mercury International Global Peace & Security Award. He was recognised for his efforts to transform Colombia and improve its internal security and social cohesion.


Nicolas De Santis speech

Juan Miguel Villar Mir Speech

President Uribe’s Acceptance Speech



The Presidential Palace Casa de Nariño

The Presidential Palace is located in Bogotá, and is the official home and workplace of the President of Colombia. It was constructed in 1908 and features a Greco-Roman design with carved stone. The palace was constructed on the site of the house where Antonio Nariño, a Colombian military and political leader was born. In 1980 the palace was remodeled in order to allow for the construction of a new chamber to house historical artwork and furniture. Today, the Presidential Palace is also a popular tourist site in Bogotá. The change of the Presidential Guard and the accompanying marching band is a popular attraction.

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